How to prioritise your Public Relations

Unless you work for a large organisation then Public Relations (PR) is probably just one of a number of repsonsibilities you juggle.  In such circumstances working out how to prioritise your PR can be a challenge.

Where do you put the effort to get the results that will make a difference?  The key lies in focusing on three activities: strategy, targeting and being consistent in your approach.

Prioritise your Public Relations with a clear strategy

Having a clear strategy (objectives, audiences, messages) is essential.  Time pressures mean that you can’t do everything.  So, stop beating yourself up.  Focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t.  Strategy is key – you need to have a defined idea about what you are setting out to achieve, who you are targeting and the key points you want to get across – they are the basics for any Public Relations plan and activity.

Make your Public Relations laser targeted

Once you have your strategy set down you can hone in on a particular objective and the activity to achieve it but be realistic bearing in mind the resources you have available.  Rather than try to get your messages out to as many people as possible you need to shrink your focus.  Concentrate on researching the relevant press and media.  Then, select a handful of key publications/programmes/websites and really get to know them.  You can then laser focus on what will be of interest, and relevant, to them and package ideas and stories to suit.  It means you get a much better ‘hit’ rate for your efforts.

Being consistent with your Public Relations builds trust and momentum

Picking up and putting down PR can be very frustrating.  It can make you feel as if you are starting again each time.  Being consistent means deciding how much time you can commit to your PR and then sticking to it.  If you only have thirty or so minutes, a couple of times a week, don’t dismiss it.  You can make an impact and get results with that.  I’ve advised people about doing that and seen some great results, it can be done.  Bear in mind too that by being visible to journalists consistently then you put yourself in a good position as a valued source for comment and opinion.

In a nutshell: The best way to prioritise your Public Relations is to define a clear strategy, focus tightly on one activity to achieve a key objective and to maintain your effort over time.

How do you prioritise your Public Relations?

Debbie Leven is a PR Coach who works with small business service providers to get them noticed on and offline to help build their brand and their business.

Image credit: Debbie Leven

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